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About Us

a few company facts...

Credit Aid began it's journey in 2015 by assisting clients understand ways to improve their credit health. With over 50 years of combined financial services experience, our staff are passionate when it comes to assisting clients.

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    Our Process

    Our staff assists clients in managing their credit portfolio and assisting clients with disputes at the credit bureaus, unfair blacklisting and understanding terms like the Prescription Act. etc. these are but a few terms in the industry that most laymen do not understand. This is where Credit Aid comes in and assists with rehabilitating our clients.

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    Our Promise

    By improving your credit status, we ensure that you are able to qualify for a credit facility with your bank and ensure that you qualify for the best interest rates to suit your budget. We believe that Home Loans, Vehicle Finance and Personal Loans should be available to all employed South Africans and we at Credit Aid endeavour to do our best to improve our economy, one individual at a time.

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    Our Staff

    We employ people who share our mission and are passionate about helping our fellow South Africans to take back control of their financial well-being. Our years of combined experience and expertise in the National Credit Act, allows us to efficiently guide our clients in the right direction. The professional and friendly staff at Credit Aid are expertly trained to always deliver quality and excellent service, all the time.

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    Our Mission & Vision

    Our Mission - Our Mission is to provide personal financial services of superior quality to ensure the financial well-being of all South Africans.

    Our Vision - We are striving to improve our economy by assisting our fellow South Africans to understand how to manage and maintain their financial well-being.